Bella Anthony

Bella is an incredible young rider who recently joined our sponsored riders group in late 2018. Bella shows a lot of talent, patience and commitment to her horses and riding and I am very excited to see where 2019 takes her and her team of horses.

Here is what Bella has to say:

"I started riding when I was three on a grey Shetland pony called Star. I rode for my local pony club for many years until I started competing for my primary school team of three. When I moved to high school I got a pony who sparked my love for Eventing and who brought me to where I am today. Someday I hope to compete at the Australian International 3 Day Event and possibly for Australia. I am currently competing my 18 y/o OTT Thoroughbred Woody in pre novice and I am planning to move up to 1* in 2019. The newest edition to the family, Oscar, the 5 y/o WB x TB, will also be out and about competing next year in intros and prelims, learning the ropes of Eventing. I sadly finished my time on Chance a couple of weeks ago, however, my younger sister Grace will be campaigning him in 2019. 


Some notable results from 2018 are: 


TEG ODE | Woody | 105cm | 3rd (1st Junior) 

TEG ODE | Chance | 95cm | 1st 

Qld Eventing State Champs | Woody | CCN 105 | 6th (1st Junior) 

Interschool State Champs | Woody | 105cm | 2nd 

Interschool Nationals @ Werribee | Woody | 105cm | 8th place 


Recently at the annual QLD awards night I was awarded 2018 Junior 105 Horse and Rider of the year, I was a finalist for the Junior 95 horse and rider of the year and I was also named on the 2019 Young Rider Squad."